Häxan Hot sauce was born in 2018, bringing together a deep love of fermentation, kitchen experimentation, and all things spicy. Our founder Jessica has always been drawn to food preservation techniques, and several years ago decided to learn more about fermentation. Working out of a small apartment kitchen, creating hot sauce seemed like the most efficient use of space. Starting with a simple jalapeño sauce, she was blown away by the results- the depth of flavor was so unlike anything she’d previously encountered. From there, she started down a path of experimenting with spicy fermentation that has now taken shape as Häxan Hot Sauce. 

The sauces we sell are made using the same techniques  developed in Jessica’s home kitchen. We are driven by seasonal produce, working with small farmers and sourcing locally whenever possible. Starting with the highest possible quality ingredients, we let lacto-fermentation take its course and let our chiles truly shine, creating unique and deeply complex flavors. 

All of our sauces are free from corn syrup, food coloring, stabilizers or added flavorings. We use fresh chiles and fruit, salt, vinegar, and the occasional splash of honey or booze – nothing else. Our sauces are gluten free and vegan (with the exception of local honey in Serrano Roasted Garlic and Cherry Bomb). We create sauces that are delicious and that you can feel good about eating!

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