Häxan Vinegar is made following a traditional, two-step fermentation process. Fruit is fermented to wine and then the wine is allowed to slowly age, converting to vinegar. It’s a long process, and like in most cases, your patience is rewarded with an incredible depth of flavor. Most commercial vinegar is made rapidly, increasing the acidity as high as possible and diluting back with water, losing complexity. Häxan embraces the old-school method, bringing you amazing and aromatic vinegar made from our favorite plants. This is real vinegar, not an infusion. Use it for pickling, use it for salad dressing, use it for drinks – anywhere you need a touch of bright flavorful acidity. 


Häxan Hot sauce is lacto-fermented hot sauce driven by seasonal produce, working with small farmers and sourcing locally whenever possible. Starting with the highest possible quality ingredients, we let lacto-fermentation take its course and let our chiles truly shine, creating unique and deeply complex flavors. All of our sauces are free from corn syrup, food coloring, stabilizers or added flavorings. We use fresh chiles and fruit, salt, vinegar, and the occasional splash of honey or booze – nothing else.

We pride ourselves on only using produce that is available in the Pacific Northwest. We source as many ingredients as possible from small farms in Washington, including honey. Our vinegar and pickles are 100% sourced from Washington farms and producers. Our hot sauce is mainly sourced from Washington, supplementing with organic chilies out of season. Some of our local suppliers include Tonnemaker Farms, Alvarez Organic Farm, Steel Wheel Farm, and Collins Family Orchards. 

Häxan Ferments is owned and operated by Jessica Huszar. Perhaps due to her background as a molecular biologist, Jessica has always been drawn to complex cooking projects and fermentation. In 2018, she founded Häxan Hot Sauce, working to bring her fermented hot sauce to Seattle using the same techniques she developed in her home kitchen.