Bringing the Farm inTo your Pantry

Our ferments are good for you, full of flavor, and good for supporting small farms. What’s not to love?

Haxan Ferments is dedicated to making unique, culinary-driven condiments. We work closely with local farmers to source the best ingredients we can find in the PNW. We use natural fermentation to capture and preserve our fresh ingredients at peak flavor while also transforming them into something unique. 

Driven by flavor first and foremost, our hot sauces are made with unique and fresh ingredients, expertly balanced to complement all your favorite foods with a range of heat levels. 

Our vinegar is flavorful with full-bodied acidity, ready for dipping, dressing, and drizzling. 

Made for home cooks by a home cook

Häxan Ferments is owned and operated by Jessica Huszar. With her background as a molecular biologist, Jessica has always been drawn to complex cooking projects and fermentation. 

In 2018, she founded Häxan Hot Sauce, working to bring her fermented hot sauce to Seattle using the same techniques she developed in her home kitchen. Her recipes draw inspiration from the produce of the PNW, starting with a star ingredient like radishes or cucumbers, and working backwards to create unique and delicious sauces. 

Read more about Jessica in a feature from Seattle Farmer’s Market

New flavors, traditional techniques

We make lacto-fermented hot sauce driven by seasonal produce, working with small farmers and sourcing locally whenever possible. (Some of our favorite farms include Alvarez Organic Farm, Boldly Grown Farm, and Collins Family Orchards).  


Starting with the highest possible quality ingredients, we let fermentation take its course and let our chiles truly shine, creating unique and deeply complex flavors. 

All of our sauces are free from corn syrup, food coloring, stabilizers or added flavorings. We use fresh produce, salt, vinegar, and the occasional splash of honey or booze – nothing else.

Our vinegar is made through traditional slow fermentation techniques. Why does that matter? Vinegar is a complex  microbial environment, with tons of different microbes transforming flavors and creating acidity. (Think about all the funky flavors you find in a sour beer or kombucha!). 

Most commercial vinegar is made through a rapid industrialized process, which drops the fermentation time from months to hours. When you take shortcuts, you also short yourself on flavor, not giving our fermenting friends the time to do their work. Our vinegar fermentation process can take upwards of 6 months. It starts by creating wine from local fruit and vegetables, followed by a secondary fermentation of alcohol to vinegar. Your patience is rewarded with an incredible depth of flavor. 

This is real vinegar, an expression of the PNW and our local agriculture. Use it for pickling, use it for salad dressing, use it for drinks – anywhere you need a touch of bright flavorful acidity.